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two songs for this week

February 4, 2010


tonight the lamplight swirls and glistens
melting itself upon my face
i’m hanging my silhouette near the shoreline
i’m swimming underneath in the noontime
will i ever know what’s wrong with me
will i ever see your hand again in mine
tonight the rain is pelting rooftops
there is no fire to melt the cold
i’m straining to hear a human whisper
and i’m painting images on the soft stone
now i’m drinking alone
amidst these figures of stone
i’ll raise the glass once again
then lay my head on the pillow

Melting Alone (Sixpence None the Richer)

and now I can see that …

Like A Skin (Sara Groves)
                                                                     The butterfly can just look back
                                                                     Flap those wings and say Oh, yeah
I never have to be a worm again

The snake gets tired of being him
He wriggles from that itchy skin
Leaves it lying where he’s been and moves on

I’ve been longing for something tangible
Some kind of proof that there’s been change in me

Feels like I have been waking up
Only to fight with the same old stuff
Change is slow and it fills me with such doubt
Come on New Man where have you been

  Help me wriggle from this Self I’m in
                                                                       And leave it like a skin upon the ground

These roots go uncomfortably deep…but I will continue this journey.

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  1. Amber Mc permalink
    February 5, 2010 8:27 am

    I always think of you when I hear Sixpence.

    The shedding of our old selves, of the lie we hear and believe, of what we thought mattered is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and am still doing)…keep on the journey.

    You are loved.

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