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people of snow

February 26, 2010

Last week our family spent a while outside playing in the snow…and the snow packed.


Snow ball fights,

And snowmen filled our back yard.

I heard this song this week:

Men of Snow : Ingrid Michaelson

Once I made a man all out of snow
He had the darkest eyes and a button nose
I told him all my sadness and my fear
And he just listened with a snowy ear

But when I came around the next day
My friend had gone and melted all away
I saw his eyes lying on the ground
And I made a sound that was something like crying

Oh one day you will go away from this
Oh one day you will know we’re men of snow
We melt
One day

Winters come, my love the winters go
And time stacks up in piles like winter snow
And everything you love and hold so dear
It won’t really matter when we disappear

Oh one day you will go away from this
Oh one day you will know we’re men of snow
We melt
One day

Throughout this week our snowmen began to shrink and then the temperatures dropped and fresh snow fell upon them. The children and I went out to sled and realized that our snowmen were at the bottom of our hill…

…so we aimed in between and around them, knowing that if we crashed into them they would crumble.

After three trips down, my son smashed into one…it did not budge. These men of snow became firmer through weathering the heat and then cold. During the times we feel like we are melting, in truth we are realizing what will make us stronger in the future. That strength allows us to take action and move ourselves and this world forward…

So that when we do melt…our world will continue onward and upward.

This hope brings joy that restoration in this world will come through our choices and actions TODAY.

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  1. February 26, 2010 11:57 pm

    and yes those are vegetable and fruit scraps from our compost bowl 🙂 for their eyes and hair…

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