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winter turning to spring

March 12, 2010


Winter is here, tell me I can go…far away from the ice and snow

take me to where the air is sweet…wind in my hair and sand at my feet

we’re taking it all in stride…hoping the water is wide…and we will dive in deep and stay at sea

voices are calling, I don’t know who…cause the only one that I hear is you

laugh with me shy like the day we met…and let’s go to places we haven’t yet

a shiver reminds that I’m at home…but your hand on my back says I’m not alone

the middle of winter is still our truth…but outside our window, an ocean view

At Sea: Alli Rogers

We can make choices and we can persevere, but we are not alone. Yes, we are individuals, but we are individuals who together can work together to create spaces that provide quietness, rest, and trust…peace.

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