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love can and does remain

March 29, 2010

My sister (in-law) made me two cds for my birthday last year. And there are often songs that begin stand out to me more than others at different times this year. Recently, Only Love Remains by Griffin House has been the song that seems to be reverberating in my thoughts:

I’ve said so long to the hills of LA
I told that town to get lost
Even if I had the money to stay
Still can’t afford what it cost

From riches to rags
From diamonds to coal
You’ve always seemed better to me
You trade in your silver for the price of my soul
To buy what is already free

All my things melt away
Only love, love remains

My brother is a prince
My father is a king
I was given no crown of my own
So I left the country
And I started to sing
But since then my fortune has grown

All my things melt away
Only love, love remains

In the daylight seems restless in the wounds of a man
His instincts are out of control
He’s so worried about comfort
He spends all of his time
In vain filling space in his soul

All my things melt away
Only love, love remains
All my things melt away
Only love, love remains

I heard someone speak about retreat. He shared that sometimes retreat requires time with others. He continued to say that within this time we must be consciously aware of what we are communicating with others through our words…and actions.

This retreat is space to reflect on God’s love and how our arms and our mouths can either create a place for His love to be experienced…or not. One of my friends shared with me that ALL love comes  from God alone. Love that we experience through others, through nature…is God loving us. This love brings restoration to others as well as ourselves.

So… are we allowing love to remain?

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