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April 23, 2010


I think I was 7 when my Grandma and Grandpa gave me my first watch. I hadn’t asked for it…and I remember opening it quite vividly.

The fire was crackling, Grandpa was in his spot at the left end of the davenport (their word for couch) and Grandma was in her rocking chair- the one closest to the kitchen. I looked up at her in amazement. She smiled and winked. How could she have known about this-which I desired? With my mouth still gaping open I twisted to the left and looked up at Grandpa- he threw his head back and chuckled and elbowed my dad in the side.

Today, 27 years later I unearthed this time piece amidst some other saved childhood memories and just stared at it as I called my daughter over (she’s turning 8 this summer). As I placed the watch on her wrist it struck me that time can truly disappear… if we aren’t engaged in this life.

I still think of myself as that 8 year old sometimes. Other times I’m in high school. Most often I’m in college or in those first few years of life as a wife…then I see my watch notched in the same spot on my daughters’ wrist as it was when I was her age…27 years ago.

And I wonder…where did the time go? What did I do during that time? A friend reminded me this past week that we are always doing something with our time…but are we doing what matters to us.

Time does continue to pass us by…we must make deliberate decisions regarding our priorities, opportunities, and levels of consciousness in this life so that we can live this life thoroughly and together. Together establishing new roots to support our continued individual and collective growth.

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