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smiling moments in a day

May 14, 2010

We all have different roots of our smiles…but sometime it takes intentional attention to those smiles to helps us realize them…this is just some beginning attention to smiles that occured in one day…Friday, May 14, 2010.

The snooze button was hit and… I hear the deep breathing beside me and I smile.

Today I am going to record and share here some of my smiling moments for the day…

Big hugs good-bye for the day…my family hugs are the best!

As I printed my last paper for the semester the sun began to peek through the clouds that have covered this valley for the week.

Delivering dresses to a friend to borrow.

Slipping in to The Common Ground for my first peek of its beauty.

As I drove to Buffalo I saw a white pickup coming over the hill in the other lane… backwards. As I slowed down the semi carrying it crested the hill….ha ha ha LAUGHTER.

As I waited to meet with my professor my stomach began to rumble and swoosh quite loudly…a good snicker.

Lunch with a friend in her home.

A text telling me that my family was joining me in Buffalo for the night…a surprise night of fun with friends.

Clouds…sunlight…light rain…wind…clouds…and now BRIGHT sunlight!

A delicious vanilla latte.

A new mom and her baby…was I really that young looking nearly eight years ago?

An unexpected phone call from a good friend.

Wegman’s beautious shelves.

Amazing and welcoming family hugs.

Homemade pizza.

Falling asleep holding hands and once again hearing the deep breathing beside me.

These were just a few of the things that brought me a smile throughout the day. I found focusing on these moments made the day much brighter and energized me.

These smiles and intentional reflection on them served as roots of restoration. Roots that I am thankful for and roots I WILL remember.

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