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July 2, 2010

So, after my post regarding titled, “judge or journey on”, my pastor spoke with us about conflict in churches (a body of believers). Now I am unaware if there is some well-known, potentially church-splitting conflict that is currently occuring in our church, however, I do believe he was speaking to me and directly confirming what I reflected on last week.

I came home and couldn’t stop talking about it with my husband. Our pastor tried to distinguish between conflict over core beliefs and conflict over other things that are not as core to our belief systems. But I was left wondering what were my core beliefs that I would lovingly challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ on. I know that I could go to my church manual, which I do plan on visiting this coming week…but I am not sure I want a manual to tell me what to believe. So I’ve done a lot of thinking this past week and of course some talking with friends about these beliefs.

Now, I’ve also been freezing a lot of peas this past week and maybe because of that, I have come to think of a pea plant to be a pretty good metaphor for the church. 

Just as the pea plant has leaves, flowers, tendrals, and pods full of peas, the church is made of unique, beautifully created, thinking individuals who have and may offer different and sometimes conflicting gifts. These are all things that are visible to those who are looking. However, those who are really interested in the church would need to dig deeper to see the roots that allow these diverse individuals to come together to look upward and walk on this journey with God. Just as a pea plant gets nutrition from the sun, soil and water, the church can only grow closer to God if it intentionally taps into the resources the Bible, prayer, and communion with others can provide.

And we return to this concept of communion with others…

others who are different from us,

others who eat differently,

live differently,

work differently,



We are all different.

These differences are gifts from God that also empower us to grow, to change…

But can we actually dialogue about these differences?

Such dialogue requires thinking and refelction from all parts. Such reflection requires us to dig into our roots as individuals AND then find the strength to share those roots with each other so that we can all grow through this journey with God~ our Father and Lord, Christ~ our Savior and Model, and The Holy Spirit~ our Daily Breath.

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