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July 10, 2010

“I will not move on the truth that God is the Creator. I will not allow how God created to harm my relationship with others.

I will not move on the belief that Jesus is returning to judge and living and the dead. I will not argue about when and how his return will take place.

Even though I believe that it is inherently biblical that a person may choose to follow Christ and at some point in life choose to reject Christ, I will not allow this to divide my relationship with another believer.”

This was part of a dialogue I shared with someone this past week regarding these core beliefs I’ve been working through. I bolded the parts that are in bold because these are parts that I think we might forget. This does not mean that I don’t think we should talk with each other about our differing beliefs- we MUST talk WITH each other…just not AT each other.

This past week I’ve realized just how diverse my friends are,

…while some of them agree with me in almost all that we talk about, others challenge me…and then some that agree with me most of the time challenge me to continue to develop as a thinking person while others never challenge me but are encourages in their own way. I love all of them. I need all of them at different times and in different spaces in this journey.

…where one is eternally grumpy and negative, another smiles and encourages herself and others through the most difficult pauses in our journeys.

We can choose to carry others all the time.

We can choose to be carried all the time.

OR…we can choose to stand and walk beside one another and grow together in this beauty…in this creation.

My brothers,

my sisters,

we are all different and we have different roots…that’s part of the beauty of God’s creation. Until we can see the beauty in everyone, we will never realize the splendor of God’s creation.

I will always praise God for this truth of beauty that so many different people helped me see this past week.

This is a root of who I am.

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