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quiet solitude

July 23, 2010

Henry Nouwen shares, “It is in this solitude that we discover that being is more important than having, and that we are worth more than the result of our efforts.”

I have found this truth for myself. I have found many new ways (sitting under a tree and looking up and out is just one of them) to actively take time to rest and be still…to learn who I am… and who I am becoming is part of that solitude. It is a journey I am now able to recognize will never end.

What I’m also learning about myself though, oddly enough, is that it is often difficult for me to allow others to rest in solitude when they need it. Providing time and space for those around me to seek and find solitude is vital for our community to continue to develop.

So, I’m starting at home:

sacrificing time with my most favorite person so that he can get a nap, take pictures, go for a run or ride, or do whatever it is he desires to do to find solitude,

protecting his time once he finds his rhythm of rest, and

encouraging his restoration how he wants to be enouraged…not necessarily how I’d want to be encouraged.

We are all unique beings… needing this quiet solitude in different doses and forms. Let’s celebrate this root of who we are

…so that restoration can be found for the individual and community as well.

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