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August 7, 2010

…in lines, in rooms, in cars…

…for groceries, for appointments, for traffic to move forward…

…we wait.

Waiting is part of living here on earth.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking about the power of waiting can have in our lives…and I waited to write about it until today.

Today was another reminder of the power of waiting. I spent two hours in our garden with a friend and our children picking green beans and transplanting brussle sprouts and broccoli (plants we couldn’t bare to thin and are hoping the transplantings are successful). Anyways, as we were picking I continued to remark at how amazed I was at how many beautiful beans we were finding, picking, eating, and would soon be canning.  My friend turned to be and said, “We took care of them this year.” With that simple statement I was reminded that last year we planted, watered, and weeded our garden and hoped our organic produce would grow. 

We waited…with very little to harvest.

This year, we worked and prepared the soil, planned the plot, planted the seeds, watered them regularly, weeded, mounded, staked, added compost periodically along with a couple other organic items (one is fish emulsion) that nurture our plants and the harvest is beautiful.

We waited…but we were actively waiting.

Now, I’m still working through this, and that is why I am writing. I heard a pastor share two weeks ago about prayer and waiting for God’s answers. He shared a couple things that helped this reflection begin: 

God alone has the eternal perspective of our lives. His timing is perfect and we can trust Him. However, we are so often willing to settle for immediate relief/solutions, but God wants life transformations for us…God’s ultimate purpose of our prayers.

It is in the waiting that we can grow toward loving and knowing God and His creation. But something I began to envision bothered me. How do people define waiting? Does waiting mean praying and doing nothing? While I believe and live as a testimony to the importance of a sabbath…a real day of restoration as part of our weekly routine, I don’t think that is what every day should be. I believe that each person is blessed with natural gifts as well as the ability to develop in areas that we may not be as naturally predisposed toward. We are empowered to wait…actively wait. Through our actions and sincere spirit of waiting, I believe a space in this world for ALL people to be able to seek and know our Father could be created and sustained.

A space for people to actively wait His answers…answers which aren’t always what we want- but what will help transform our lives.

Transforming our lives…God’s ultimate purpose of our prayers. A continual, life-long journey of praying, actively waiting, and growing closer in our relationship with our Father and Savior. Prayer and actively waiting are roots of transformation in which restoration is found.

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