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August 31, 2010

How can the act of a college-aged girl rest her head on her mothers shoulder touch me so deeply that

…tears form and begin to escape my eyes within a matter of seconds?

How can the smooth flow of a woman stroking the strings of her guitar as she helps lead her fellow brothers and sisters in worship touch me so deeply that

…smiling as we sing moves from and outward act to an inner state of being?

I believe that we are created to evolve toward walking in the dust of Jesus Christ…to be his disciple in all that we say…think… and do. I believe that we can evolve toward being more like Christ is my being and talking WITH others.

Yes, we need our time of quiet solitude and retreat. But we also need to live and LOVE as Christ loved…loves. Not just ourselves…but our neighbors—yes and even those who disagree with or misunderstand us.

So…how do these moments touch and continue to dwell deep within me?  I think it is because these women are my neighbors…my sisters…two I know not there names.

ONE…the guitarist…is a friend

…who reflects Christ back to me every time I see her.

…who may not even know the power of her love and encouragement.

…who is someone I thank God for weekly.

THREE WOMEN who reminded me of the root of family and friends and brought restoration into my life without even knowing it.

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