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September 1, 2010

A recently discovered root of my life is that I enjoy living life WITH others. In reality you can go through life without actually living WITH others. You may be around others physically always…but if you are not mentally and emotionally connecting with others you are not living with others.

I used to have a real hard time accepting others into my life. I always wanted to help them and be part of their life…but once they began offering help to me I resisted.

And then life forced me to accept others’ gifts into my life.

A few years have gone by and this year especially I have learned the beauty of living with others…sharing our gifts with each other as they are needed.

Last week I needed to accept help from others when they offered…

On Sunday, friends came and began scrapping our ceiling to help us with an unexpected…and time sucking project.

On Friday, strangers stopped all traffic and pushed my car off the road for me and shared that my shifter link must have slipped.

On that same day, people we are beginning to get to know helped me get the car to the local car shop and returned me and the children home safely.

On Monday, the local mechanic squeezed our car in and fixed the car because he knew we needed the car.

All of these people are part of my life now…even the strangers- thinking back to these two older men stopping all traffic to help me swells my heart and mind and serves as a reminder that everyone is my neighbor. I am called to love them and Christ loved(s).

So…as I scrapped glue off of my walls I looked up on the ladder where friends were acting on their offer of generosity. It wasn’t that they had nothing else to do, their lives are as full as ours…they did it because they saw a need. They brought lunch and worked beside us…they live with us because we said yes to their offer and they say yes to our offers. I now believe accepting generous gestures is as important as offering generosity.

They are both vital parts of living life WITH others.

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