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come back

September 18, 2010

The semester has started again and I have the opportunity to interact with many more people…and watch even more. I’ve come to enjoy sitting and watching people I often don’t even know.

Sometimes I make up stories about what they might be thinking or saying…which can create a slight smile or belly laughter.

Other times I just sit and watch in wonder…

Then there are times that I am sitting in a meeting or engaged in some sort of conversation that somehow turns into several people engaged in a monologue of sorts…following the intentions of only one participant. And I think…does everyone here agree with this? Why are we here? Are our ideas important? Are they heard?

The answer is NO…unless ALL participants are HEARING each other. But that requires some people to quiet themselves long enough to listen. That requires some people to sit still enough to watch and see. It also requires some people to speak and move forward instead of hiding in their silence.

Recently, I heard the following song and thought…hmmm.

Suffer in Silence (frames lyrics):

Come back, show your face
Don’t you see
You’re too good for this place
Can we leave.
It’s not your fault, what they say
Don’t believe..

Or would you rather suffer in silence.
And defeat
Or would you rather suffer in silence

Ah come on, show the way
I’ll believe
Welcome back, you’ve been away
How’s it been.

Or would you rather suffer in silence.
And defeat
Or would you rather suffer in silence

Wake up.. It’s your love calling…

Too many people are silenced and remain silenced.

Love for others calls us to hear others and restore voices, and sometimes that includes our own voice…and other times it means restoring our ears.

This reflection started with a song that resonated with me. Me closing my mouth and opening my ears has brought and continues to bring about great restoration. Me finally opening my mouth when I am afraid to continues to help me learn a little more about my roots…roots I would not be aware of if I talked and never listened or listened and never talked.

Our conversations need both ~listening and speaking~ to come back.

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