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thread the light

October 2, 2010
We made a plan that was subject to change
So whatever was… it works out we both get the blame
In the arms of this low
And you took the wind right out of my sails
By sweating me out on all the little details
In the arms of this low
In the arms of this low

So thread the light
So thread the light

We made a choice and we knew we would pay
For stealing the joy and trying to escape
From the arms of this low
And if by some chance you break from the pack
You know I’ll be waiting to welcome you back
Into the arms of this low
In the arms of this low

Thread the light,
Thread the light,
Thread the light,
Thread the light,
Shine the light,
Don’t hide the light,

Live the light,
And give the light,
Seek the light,
And speak the light,
Crave the light, and brave the light,
Stare the light,
And share the light,
Show the light,
And know the light,
Raise the light,
And praise the light,
Thread the light,
And spread the light.

(The Low…by the Swell Season)

This week this song has brought be great restoration. I have seen and have been reminded of a broken education system and felt so overwhelmingly low. I curled my legs up to my chest and cried out…

why do these students…

why do these parents…

why do these teachers…

have no voice

in making a change in this world.

I called the closest person to me and shared this renewed pain and anger and found myself sharing feelings like the work I am striving toward was worthless. People have been working toward similar visions for decades…and it feels like we are going backwards! Later he shared with me the story of the man walking on the beach throwing the sea stars back into the ocean…that while he couldn’t save all of them, he was making a difference in the lives of those he touched. More tears welled, but they came from a different source…from the knowledge that if each of us work to thread the light… and empower  those muted voices…there is hope. If we just throw our hands up…our thread is missing and could cause further tears in this fabric that seems to worn.

It’s a journey…not an easy fix.

It’s life WITH others…a root that WILL continue to restore this world.

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  1. Emily permalink
    October 2, 2010 4:20 pm

    on the Swell Season, I don’t know of you’ve seen their music video of “Low Rising” but if not, you should… it embodies sadness that separates people, and how everyone feels it, and once its realized, there is freedom…. I don’t know how true that holds to the educational system. I’m already experiencing bits of frustration and helplessness, and I haven’t even really started. Where is the freedom?

    also, if you haven’t seen the movie ONCE you should. ask me for it if you haven’t.

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