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2010: roots & growth

January 2, 2011

When I looked over last year’s reflections I realized restoration is an evolving journey…we are never done growing, are we?





I have learned a great deal over the past year.

I have received and given forgiveness.

I have discovered beauty…even in myself and other people who I often disagree with.

I have remembered the truth of faith, grace, love, and hope.

I have worked toward knowing who I am and who I am growing into.

But life gets busy and difficult…and it is easy to forget things we’ve learned…even those truths that are part of our inner core. We can be moving so fast that we forget to reflect on those roots and celebrate our growth. So…beginning this past summer I have been working on a sketch of a visual reminder of these roots and branches of continued growth…and with the help of my husband, an unknown artist, and an artist named Alison (from The Underground in Olean, NY), I settled on this image:

The 6 roots represent the self I have discovered or better understood this past year…I am a

1) disciple of Christ

2) wife

3) mother

4) friend

5) learner & teacher

6) artist

These roots help me as I continue to develop as a member of this world, church, & family I have, do, and will call home.

The 35 leaves represent each year I have developed, evolved, and lived in this place. I am thankful for this past year…I am thankful for my Father, family, and friends who have been walking this journey with me. Here’s to a new year in which I pray and will intentionally work toward continued restoration within myself and within this world.

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  1. January 3, 2011 11:59 pm

    I appreciate symbolism only when it has meaning.  It changes me only when it purely facilitates truth.  Your self-sharing post accomplishes both.  Thank you.

  2. January 16, 2011 12:12 pm

    What a great year of blogging sis. I love your commitment, quality of posts and the weaving of pictures throughout. Thanks for sharing your journey. Love you.

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