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looking up

January 22, 2012

As I’ve shared with you, I spend my Sunday afternoons secluded in my office so that I can work on my dissertation. I believe that people have been joining me in prayer because today as I walked through that door I felt focused and competent. I stayed an extra hour than I had planned because I was being so productive…so if you have been praying for me, thank you and please do not stop.

Allow me to share with you a moment of reflection God shared with me today as I took a tea time break:

Aaron found this tea pot for me at the beginning of the semester and it is a source of comfort while I work in my office. Today was no exception. I made my tea and took some pictures of the pot…and then I noticed my reflection in the pot. I kept trying to get out of the reflection, but since I am NOT an expert photographer all I could figure out to do is look up instead of at myself from different angles.

Look up instead of at myself.

Sometimes a moment of restorative quiet solitude can only occur when you get down and look up.

Today I rested in the presence of my God with a cup of tea, looking up and trusting Him.

Today I am thankful that I looked up.

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