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January 27, 2012

Working with other people on a project you are very excited about and that you have a CLEAR vision for is sometimes one of the hardest things ever.

The listening piece is soooooo difficult, especially since you KNOW your ideas are the best and the ones that should be heard and followed.

Watching my children wrap a present for a friend’s birthday opened my eyes to the truth that this struggle happens at even a young age!

Each of them are amazing envisioners with crazy imaginations that don’t ALWAYS align. Today one of them wanted to use different colored construction paper and the other thought the big drawing pad paper would work best.

C: Well, let’s just see what we think when we get started.

A: Ok!

The proceed trying to fit the different papers around the box in different ways with a lot of “hmmms” and “OHs!”

A: Actually, we’re both right! We need one piece of the sketch paper and one of construction paper to cover the box best!

C: Cooool! Can I do the tape?

A: Ummm, OK, but I will cut it into the pieces and give it to you.

C: This is going to be great! Evie’s going to LOVE this! (not the gift, but the wrapping 🙂 )

They work together smoothly…until they stretch their hands out for the…markers (C) and crayons (A)…uh oh (I think) now what??? Leave it to them…

A: Well, you know crayons are brighter and bolder.

C: Yeah…but markers can add details that crayons can’t!

BOTH: so…both!

They step into their story world about a castle and dragon and tell a story…together about a maiden being captured by a dragon and a knight on his way to save her (despite my weekly reading of the Paperbag Princess and conversations about the strength women have).

They worked together in creating the picture based on their story, but it sure was hard for my daughter to pause long enough to sit back and let her little brother add his ideas and details to their work of art wrapping paper. She kept hitting hands away and saying “wait“, “just wait!”, until she looked up at him and then her last effort to resist his offering, “JUST, I’m just not,  uh…ok” turned into a revision of their shared project that she could not have envisioned alone.

Oooooh, I like that idea!

This reminded me that no matter how great I think my ideas are, they often can be further developed for a clearer, more complete and helpful vision.

Today I am thankful for my children’s abilities and the reminder they provided me with their powerful collaboration.

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  1. January 27, 2012 10:18 pm

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