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clean sheets revelation

January 28, 2012

Tonight we made our bed…with clean, crisp sheets.

As we worked together I reflected back to when my mom started asking me to help her make the beds after she pulled them off of the line or out of the dryer.

I love the smell and feel of fresh sheets.

It makes me feel at home…and then I realize that THIS IS my home…

…my parents’ home is not REALLY my HOME anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going home to Ohio and visiting, but something would not be quite right if I felt more at home there than I did here, in the home my husband, children, and I create together.

I think a little further and I realize that it is not the house that is our home…

…but our family that makes our home.

How are these clean sheets revealing this to me just now…maybe because today is a special day and I’m feeling more reflective than I have been lately.

Today my mom turned 59 and I wanted to run to Ohio to be with her. But some things can’t happen the moment you want them to happen. However, while I’m not at her home with her to celebrate, I DO celebrate her life and one of the many things she taught me…washing sheets and making beds (complete with a hospital tucked corner on my side of the bed).

Today I am thankful for my mom and the beautiful truth that clean sheets revealed to me…my family is my home.

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