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restorative demolition

February 4, 2012

restoration often requires demolition

Today, I was able to work beside two women who know me a different levels, but are both passionate about similar things that I am passionate about… namely living locally and sustainably.

The three of us and one other awesome woman worked together to draft vision and mission statements for a cooperative market (Allegany Harvest Cooperative Market) that will offer local, organic, and sustainable foods and products in an area that has so many AMAZING farmers and artisans.

Today the three of us showed up to the future location with hammers, pry and crow bars, and A LOT OF EXCITEMENT…and we knocked down walls so that other people in the community who are also member-owners of this cooperative market can come a offer their abilities needed to help our market to open as soon as possible.

We knocked down walls.

This made me think…(hmmm) of other walls that we knock down, allow to remain standing, or sling extra mud on for solidifying security.

When we make the decision to knock a wall down we might find it nailed into a board of fear or control…what do we do then?

We pry the board out and then begin to replace it with restorative actions that replace fear with hope and control with peace.

Today I am thankful for the demolition I experienced a few years ago so that I would begin the restorative work that has allowed me to taste hope and peace.

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