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prompting research project progress

February 28, 2012

This morning after dropping the children off at school I turned onto the road to my office… with a smile. I was actually excited about the writing and revising ahead of me today as I continue progressing through the findings chapter of my dissertation.

I turned on my computer and I realized that this tool has been an amazing and energizing tool throughout this entire research project, writing the research proposal, presenting my proposal, collecting the data, organizing the data, transcribing the data, and now writing the actual dissertation. Today there are two parts of this tool that I am especially thankful for:

INSIDE this tool:

The feature of Microsoft Word that allows me to insert horizontal pages in the middle of my document AMAZES me and is soooo helpful with presenting the classroom talk analysis that I am including in the findings.

OUTSIDE this tool:

One of my Christmas gifts this year was this mac tattoo…it is a reminder of my roots (just like my tattoo…2010: Roots and Growth) and that I CAN and AM FINISHING THIS “paper” that so many people warned me about and I never thought that it was a big deal until I actually started writing it.

Today I am thankful for these two parts of my trusted tool that consistently prompts progress.

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