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“someday” coasters

March 5, 2012

Tonight I am finishing up (for real) my findings chapter…will do final edits on it  and send it to my adviser tomorrow night.

But tonight I sit, sipping my water out of my favorite quart jar that I no longer use for canning and then proceed to place it down on these coasters that my brother bought me when he visited Peru. When he gave them to me, I had no use for coaster…but thought they were pretty cool so I packed them away for the “someday” that is today when I own a lamp stand that sits beside me as I work.

These “someday” coasters are like my brother who was always there for me to rest on and to trust to keep me from scratching or leaving rings on anything I sat on…I just wish I had realized this reality a lot earlier in life.

Today I am thankful for these “someday” coasters from Peru…from my brother.

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