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wanting to slow time with her

March 15, 2012

Thursdays are always very long days…but I wanted this day to last longer.

5:48 am -My son woke from a nightmare and needed some snuggles.

6:15 am -My son pulled his second front tooth out and needed some water.

6:40 am -I finally rolled out of my bed for good and I realized that my daughter had an eye doctor appointment (1.5 hours away from home) at 6:30pm which meant it was going to be an even longer day than expected.

7:15 am -We realized we had no coffee.

12:00 pm  -I received an e-mail from my doctorate adviser regarding my defense date which made the day feel like it was lasting forever,

1:00 pm -I met with one my classes and celebrated the work they had done for today with coffee and treats.

3:00 pm -I met with my last class for the day and they came to class prepare, collaborated beautifully, and I dismissed them early so that they could enjoy the De-Stress Fair.

3:45 pm -I realized that I could pick my daughter up early and take her out for dinner before we go to her appointment!!!!!!

4:00 pm -I had her in the car and we were headed out for the night and the evening was filled with yummy food (nachos and shrimp burrito) at our favorite Mexican restaurant, an appointment with the BEST developmental optometrist, a trip to Wegmans, and nice conversation throughout it all.

10:00 pm -I parked the car and carried her into the house and kissed her goodnight.

Today I am thankful for this very long day that I wanted to slow down even more at 4:00.

I love this girl.

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