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wavered turned to encouraged: Friday

April 1, 2012

Today I spent an hour with my adviser…in her words it was the whole day…but I had her attention for two 30 minute blocks of time.

While I tried to communicate with her I felt like I had some sort of processing disorder, I could not understand her and she was not understanding me. This has happened two other times with her, but on Friday it made me waver…am I really capable of completing this? Why AM I doing this????

THEN…after she left and I was packing my bags (tears welling up in my eyes) another doctorate student who used to work with her came in and hugged me and whispered…”One more month, sweetie, you can do this…I’ve been praying for you non-stop since I left her office because I know what you are dealing with daily. You almost done, don’t cave now.” We said goodbye and as I slid my computer into the bag I saw two notes of encouragement that I recently (in March) received in the mail…one from an old friend who defended his dissertation and knows where I am in the process, and one from a past student who I can now call friend. I received these and other notes just when I needed them and on Friday I re-read these notes before I left campus.

Yes, I am capable of this. Yes, it IS necessary and good that I complete this goal of mine so that I can continue teaching teachers…which is something I believe that I am good at and I choose to trust in God to continue to strengthen me through the days.

Today I am thankful for all of the encouragement that surrounds me when I waver.

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