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nine days of thanksgiving

May 13, 2012

It has been a while..but I have been intentional in keeping track of my thanksgivings over the past 9 VERY FULL days.

I have a friend and fellow blogger that will share a week in review…and I love it. So in honor of her ( ) I try to re-create her ways of sharing pieces of her life to share with you my past 9 thanksgivings…


1) Shopping at the co-op, 2) listening to Sam Beam, 3) a new kind of love…even after nearly 15 years of marriage, 4) I’m still running, 5) my first poppy, 6) my barefoot tree climber, 7) my boy knows what he wants, 8) a new hope for the future of inclusive childhood education, and 9) my son, my baby, turned 7 and still loves snuggles.

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