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listening during the shifting

August 30, 2013

Next week our family trades our summer rhythms for our school routines. The two weeks leading up to this change always feels incredibly tenuous. I find myself excited for new people and new experiences and daily structures, yet I mourn leaving the long mornings in jammies, snuggles and naps in the hammock, and playtime with bare feet behind.

So, we try to make the most of these two weeks as a family while still trying to get prepared for our routines that begin next week. I have learned that listening to our children during this shifting of our home life can be difficult but incredibly restorative.

Saturday the boys went camping and the girls went to dinner at one of our favorite local eateries.

As my daughter and I began to get ready she stated,

I think that we should dress up and make it a fancy night“.

I agreed and asked her to choose both outfits. I wondered…what does fancy mean? What does “dressing up” mean to her?

We got dressed and she asked,

Mommy, can you take lots of pictures so that Daddy can see all that we do tonight?

I agreed and asked her to tell me when she wanted me to take a picture. I wondered…what am I going to take pictures of???? What did she treasure enough to capture in a picture for her to share with her father?


IMG_3352IMG_3355IMG_3354IMG_3358IMG_3382IMG_3417IMG_3389IMG_3447IMG_3432IMG_3446Taking these moments to listen to her and everyone else in our family during this time of shifting will inform our new patterns of life. I’m thankful that laughter, swinging, bare feet, flowers, local food and music, and family time will continue to be part of these patterns.

IMG_3452A whistling girl and dessert can always help us remember how to smile while we work (she didn’t ask for THIS picture…but I wanted it).

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  1. Joan permalink
    August 30, 2013 9:27 pm

    I love the young lady that kicks off her heels to swing and play! So significant of a middle school student….all grown up one minute, but a kid the next! But then, she seems to be a lot like her mother who always enjoys the moment!

  2. August 31, 2013 7:52 am

    Such an inspiring post sister. Today you encouraged this “just survive the day” mama to slow down and enjoy. Love you oodles . . .

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